Our Noritsu film scanners take processed film negatives and output beautiful image files for sharing or for printing.

Film Services & Pricing

Scan Sizes:

On average developing 35mm or 120 film takes about 1-2 hours from drop-off to pick up. If you would like to get digital scans, the turn around time will increase to 3-5 hours.

Medium (5-7mb is average size for 35mm): Our standard scan size, best for all around digital work.
High Resolution (25-35mb for high-resolution for 35mm): Good for large print projects.

After the film negatives have been scanned, you can receive the digitally scanned images via email.
**If you would like your files as a TIFF, please add an additional $20.

How to Send Film

Step 1.
Order Online

Create your order, see
your total, and print your
packing slip online.

Step 2.
Package your Film

Watch our tutorial and
learn how to package
your film for shipping.

Step 3.
Send to Us

15133 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Nortisu C-41
(Color Develop & Scan)

Film size Develop Medium Res Scan High Res Scan
135 (35mm) $8 +$10 +$30
120 $8 +$10 N/A

Push / Pull Negatives

Film size Film Type Push / Pull
35mm C-41(Color) N/A
120 C-41(Color) N/A
35mm B&W $3
120 B&W $3

Prints from Film Negatives

Film size Film Size 12 Frame 27 Frame 36 Frame
C-41 (Color) 135(35mm) $8 $8 $12
C-41 (Color) 120 $8 $8 $12
B&W 135(35mm) $8 $8 $12
B&W 120 $8 $8 $12

Nortisu B&W
(Black & White Develop & Scan)

Film size Develop Medium Res Scan High Res Scan
135 (35mm) $10 +$10 +$30
120 $10 +$10 N/A

Scan Individual
Negatives / Photos

Type Film Size Nortisu Flat-Bed
Single Frame 35 mm/ 120 $3 $6
Photo $3 x5 – 8 x10 N/A $6

Options for your Film Negatives
after Scanning

Securely Destroy Keep & Store
N/A $2*

* 35m charges a $2 storage deposit and holds the negatives for up to 2 months. The storage deposit is returned when the customer picks up their negatives with the matching order slip.