Creative Studio

Let’s indulge in your passion and let us create a space where you can share, create, and bounce ideas off each other.


Whether you need a space for creative output or to simply use it to shoot someone or something, our space comes fully-equipped and available for rent.

Rental Options

We offer 3 different type of rental options for the studio space.
For bookings and reservations, please email us at

** We offer 20% discounts for those who develop with us after their photo session

The Space only

$110/ 2hour

(1 hour / $70)

The space dimensions:

  • 350 Sq Ft with 11ft ceiling height.


  • black backdrop (107″ wide)
  • white backdrop (107″ wide)
  • 34 power outlets

The Space + Photo Equipment

$75/ hour

Our photography equipment includes:

  • 4 Profoto Strobe lights
  • Various lightboxes (1 large deep softbox, 2 strip softbox, 1 beauty dish)
  • large white/silver reflector
  • 1 heavy duty tripod
  • Wireless Flash sync/ Wired flash sync
  • 3 color video lights
  • Ceiling to floor dark blue drape backdrop
  • Various different color backdrops (widest being 107″)
    • Red
    • Green
    • Sky Blue
    • Gray
    • Brown
    • Tan
    • Yellow
    • Pink
  • Dual backdrop capability*
  • 2 large mirrors
  • Red sofa
  • Apple crates
  • Air Conditioning and portable fan
  • 34 power outlets

The Space + Photo Equipment + Assistant

$100/ hour

One of our staff can assist you to:

  • give advice if necessary on a better lighting set up (if you are a beginner)
  • can show you how to use certain equipment
  • Set up the backdrops


Space does not have natural light.


Space is not ideal for recording as there can be sounds from our developer machines, but we can minimize sound by notifying staff to lower their volume.

Backdrop Rules

Backdrops cannot be stepped on with shoes (only with shoe covers or taped shoe soles), damaged backdrops will be charged at $10/yard.


Pets are allowed, but please be mindful of preventing damage to backdrops.


There are metered parking in the front, we can provide one free parking spot in the rear.


We have one bathroom with mirror and can be used for changing. We also have a divider shutter to use for changing purposes.


The studio is located on the ground floor and accessible by front door or by rear door.


For bookings and reservations, please email us at Please note that we charge a 50% deposit upfront.

Cancelation Policy

You may cancel a booking up to 48 hours in advance and receive a full refund of rental deposit. If you need to cancel within 48 hours of your reservation, we will keep the rental deposit.


Come in to our studio for a portrait session! We offer different types of shoots, whether for professional or for personal use. We will capture your personality how you like it.


Headshot/Portrait Package Price
2 Final Edits
2 Backdrops
2 Outfits
30 mins Shoot

(add 30 mins $60)

Add edited photo is $67


Full Body Package Price
2 Final Edits
1 Backdrop
2 Outfits
30 minutes to shoot

(Add 30 mins is $60)

Add edited photo is $87

Personal / Family

Group Package
(MAX 4 People)
2 Final Edits
1 Background
1 Outfit
1 hr to shoot
*Add Person is $80
(Add 30 mins is $60)

Add edited photo is $87


Updates will come soon, thank you for your patience.