Creative Studio

Let’s indulge in your passion and let us create a space where you can share, create, and bounce ideas off each other.


Whether you need a space for creative output or to simply use it to shoot someone or something, our space comes fully-equipped and available for rent.

Rental Options

* We are offering discounts for those who develop with us after their photo session

The Space only

$45/ hour

The Space + Photo Equipment

$65/ hour

The Space + Photo Equipment + Assistant

$95/ hour


Come in to our studio for a portrait session! We offer different types of shoots, whether for professional or for personal use. We will capture your personality how you like it.


16 x 20 1 image
$159/person $49


16 x 20 2 image
$199/person $49

Personal / Family

16 x 20 2 image
$259/person $49

Passport Photos

When passport photos needs an update, we can help.





* we cannot print from file, as regulation states that photographer must sign as guarantor.




Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are currently not opening our store to the public. Updates will come soon, thank you for your patience.