Mail Your Film

If you cannot drop off the film yourself, we’ll explain a simple 4 step process of mailing your film to us for FREE.

Step 1.
Create Free Shipping Label

IMPORTANT: Free shipping up to 1 lb max.
1 lb = 15 rolls of 35mm film
1 lb = 15 rolls of 120 film
1 lb = 4 disposable cameras.

If more than 1 pound, shipping will be cancelled.

Step 2.
Order Services

Select your film type, count number of rolls, select services and pay online.

Step 3.
Package your Film

Watch Mail-In Tutorial.

Package rolls and include a note with the following:
1. Order No.
2. Name
3. Email
4. Phone Number.

Step 4.
Drop Off Package

Drop off your package at any USPS post office or mailbox!

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