Mail-In Film

Follow this simple 4-step process of mailing your film to us!

Step 1.
Get your FREE shipping label

Click here to create your shipping label.

IMPORTANT: Maximum of weight of 1 pound (or 15 35mm film rolls), anything over will cancel shipment.

Step 2.
Go online & pay

Count your rolls and click here to pay.

Step 3.
Package your Film

Package rolls and include a note with:
1. Order No.
2. Name
3. Email
4. Phone Number.

Need more help? Watch our tutorial!

Step 4.
Drop off your package

Drop off your package at any local USPS post office/mailbox.

Make sure to click both links as both links are different platforms.

After we receive your rolls, we will confirm your order and send your scans after one business day!