February Film Inspiration Guide

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Here are some of our favorite film photos from our customer for this month:

Kodak Portra 800


We’re a big fan of behind-the-scenes photos, and this photo reminded us of worry-free childhood days.

Kodak Gold 200


The last couple of days has bless California with some snow in the mountains. Have you shot film in the snow? I recommend trying it because you can get some great results, especially if you’re using a lower ISO speed films like Kodak Gold 200.

Candido 800


Our February film recommendation of the month. Technically, this film can be use for everyday conditions but we suggest shooting it during sunset for beautiful halation and glow.

Velvia 50


It’s rare for us to see customers use slide film but when we do, we are often pleased with the results. Slide films are tricky to use, as the film doesn’t have great exposure latitude; so when we saw how Teri shot the film on a gloomy weather it was great to see that the images were not underexposed.

Kodak Ektar 100


If you’re looking for a nice vibrant color for portrait work, we highly recommend trying out Kodak Ektar 100 in 120.

Cinestill 800t


Have you shot Cinestill 800t on a daylight? Most people are worried that since it’s an 800-speed film that the results will come out grainy and blue. However, you can get beautiful results if you overexpose your film to 1 or 2 stops to get the right exposure when shooting daytime.

Cinestill 400D


When it comes to portrait work, most people prefer Portra’s but after seeing Justin’s work on Cinestill 400D, I might just transition into this film stock.

Kodak Portra 400


You can never go wrong with Portra 400 films. Some recent work from Leo that we are swooning over.

Cinestill BWXX


Beautiful black and white portrait work from Lisa. We always appreciate seeing black and white images, as we are reminded of the nostalgia it brings.

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