May Film Inspiration

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This month is dedicated on honoring some of our customers who shoots black and white film stocks. We added some of our customers who inspired us to pick up a roll of black and white.

Ilford Delta 3200


According to Mikai, on his Instagram post, this photo is a 20-year old expired Ilford Delta 3200. Despite, the quality, I still find it intriguing and a great photograph. That’s the beauty of film, even if the photo is grainy, there’s a feeling that transcends the imperfections into something worth remembering.

Kodak Pro Image 100


With summer fast approaching, expect to see more sunset photos and beach trips. Now, what are some good film stocks to use during summer season? I highly recommend Kodak Pro Image 100. It’s a low-speed film that produces a fine sharp grain and captures natural vibrant colors (especially during sunset). However, the most important thing, in my opinion, is that it’s an affordable film stock. So, whether you go spend summer in Europe or spend your afternoons at the beach, I suggest you stock up on Kodak Pro Image 100.

Ilford FP4 Plus


Itching for a road trip, Kevin’s work always inspires me to get out of my neighborhood and venture to new places. Normally, I would pick Kodak Portra 800 as my go-to film stock when traveling, but now that I’m shooting more black and white, I think I’ll use it more for my travels.

Cinestill 400D


If you’re looking for a different look within portraiture, Cinestill 400D offers a balanced color rendition that enhances natural skin tones, and an impressive dynamic range preserves detail in highlights and shadows.

Ilford HP5 400


If you are just starting out with black and white photography, we recommend trying out HP5. Known for its versatility and exceptional grain structure, HP5 delivers consistently stunning results across a spectrum of shooting conditions.

Kodak Ultramax 400


I don’t consider using Kodak Ultramax 400 in a studio setting, but seeing Andrea’s portraiture at the studio has considered me trying out the film stock for my own.

Kodak T-Max 400


I spent the entire month shooting black and white, and now I have a deep appreciation for it, especially for black and white portraits. I’m not saying color can’t convey emotion when it comes to portraiture, but black and white has a timeless feeling that I’m starting to incorporate within my personal work.

Kodak Gold 200


Warmer weather calls for warmer film stock. Kodak Gold 200 is the right film stock for it. We currently have 120 film in stock at our shop for only $7.95. Come and stop by the shop and get yours today.

Kodak T-Max 100


We recently had a photowalk/workshop event “Monochrome Affair” with Kanya Iwana, where we encourage some of the attendees to capture the event in black and white– and this is one of my favorite photo I’ve seen. I think that Kodak T-Max 100 was a perfect addition for this sentimental photograph.

Kodak 400 Tri-X


Another photograph that I like from the “Monochrome Affair” event. I like how Ben use the fences as a foreground to create a subframe. I like when photographers incorporate their environments in a unique, interesting way.

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